Film+TV for Young Actors: On-camera Skills, High Energy Exercises

A participatory workshop on how to engage young actors in film and television. Michael will run participants through some of the on-camera exercises that he's been using to teach professional-track film and television acting for the past seventeen years. Includes handouts, sample lesson plans, and resources for teachers. 

One of the tricky things to manage with on-camera acting is keeping the group focused and engaged, while still teaching "real" on camera skills, where there's almost always only one actor on camera. We'll cover how we manage that in both small and large groups. We'll also go over basic on camera technique, a series of exercises that students can use to prepare scenes in pairs or trios, functional on-camera exercises that allow for a balance of scenework and group participation, our five-step note-taking model that helps students adjust their performance when given notes, guidelines for peer-coaching and support, our three-stage "Understanding Story" questions, and more! 

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Friday 4:00 AM - 5:30 AM
Room 3750

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Friday 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
Room 3750

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  • Michael Bean

    Founder and principal coach at Biz Studio, Michael is one of the best-respected coaches and teachers for young actors in Vancouver. A classically trained actor with an extensive film and television resume (IMDB), Michael is the author of “Confidence on Camera: A Handbook for Young Actors”, which is used by many local talent agents as a primer for clients new to the industry. Michael brings the same attention to detail as an instructor that he expects from his students, and his teaching style is characterized by an infectious enthusiasm.

    “We always know when one of Michael’s students walks in the room; they just know what they’re doing.” -Casting director Kris Woznesensky