Ask Me Anything - Technical Director edition

This is a forum to ask professionals questions. CITT will be putting together a small working group/panel to be able to answer questions on the floor. We will help you work through challenges you might face in your spaces and connect you to other pro's that might be able to help.  No issue too big or too small.  

To Bring/Important Notes

Note pad and your questions!


Friday 4:00 AM - 5:30 AM
Room 4955

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  • Alex House

    I am a member of CITT and  Technical Director at the Centennial Theatre in North Vancouver. As such I have backgrounds in Lighting, Sound and other various parts of theatre. With 9 years in the industry mostly working with community and semi-professionalgroups I have knowledge in the difficulties that highschool venues face and can provide a unique view and problem solving solutions.