Improv Bootcamp

This is a fully fun and participatory workshop about finding creative ways to unleash all the characters that live inside of you. Using a variety of techniques and exercises we will explore how to find your inner Meryl Streep, Daniel Day-Lewis or Toni Collette. Voice, worldview, tensions and facemask will be explored. Some exercises will be good for your improvisational lessons and others will be for the acting classes. There will be a handout to help create history and depth for characters. 

To Bring/Important Notes

Workbooks, pencils 


Saturday 7:00 AM - 8:30 AM
Room 4270

Register now! Only a few spots left.

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  • David C. Jones

    David C. Jones – Short Bio for Teaching / Training

    David C. Jones has taught workshops across the country and throughout the province. He is a creative coach for performers and public speakers. As a facilitator, he has designed or adapted programs to cover a wide range of topics from self-esteem and empowerment to team building. He worked for several years with YMCA International creating role-plays and popular education activities. As a teacher, he works in a variety of performing arts; acting, scene study, text analysis, and improvisation. His authentic character workshops and status and body language classes to awaken the creative spirit. He is currently a teacher at the Vancouver Film School (and won Teacher of the Year in 2018) and a graduate of Studio 58.

    His workshops have been described by one student as a ‘combination of hilarity, gentleness and challenge’.  

    David loves to laugh and loves to learn.