Text Analysis is Curiously Fascinating

The actor’s job to be real in imaginary circumstances. The writer has placed given circumstances in their script, some obvious and some less so. To mine the script, one has to be part literary detective and forensic doctor.
Often seen as the most academic (and boring) part of the acting process, and in some cases overlooked completely, instructor David C Jones has created a series of interactive activities to help find the fun in text analysis. Whether it is finding a key word to expand the characters back story, or unlocking a clue to help justify a beat change or a story arc you will find your curiosity piqued in a fascinating way.

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Pencils and writing pads


Saturday 4:00 AM - 5:30 AM
Room 3750

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Friday 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
Room 4390

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  • David C. Jones

    David C. Jones – Short Bio for Teaching / Training

    David C. Jones has taught workshops across the country and throughout the province. He is a creative coach for performers and public speakers. As a facilitator, he has designed or adapted programs to cover a wide range of topics from self-esteem and empowerment to team building. He worked for several years with YMCA International creating role-plays and popular education activities. As a teacher, he works in a variety of performing arts; acting, scene study, text analysis, and improvisation. His authentic character workshops and status and body language classes to awaken the creative spirit. He is currently a teacher at the Vancouver Film School (and won Teacher of the Year in 2018) and a graduate of Studio 58.

    His workshops have been described by one student as a ‘combination of hilarity, gentleness and challenge’. www.audienceengagementacadaemy.com  

    David loves to laugh and loves to learn.