Play Adaptation Project: How to prepare your students

Play Adaptation involves numerous higher-order thinking skills. How do we take a text in one form and turn it into a play? You can't just add a narrator and call it a day. You also can't throw your students into the deep end of the pool with "War and Peace" and expect them to swim. In this workshop you will learn practical exercises and a step by step path to prepare your students to take on an adaptation project.



To Bring/Important Notes

pen and paper


Friday 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Room Theatre 106
Vancouver Film School (VFS) Cordova

This session is full.


  • Lindsay Price

    Lindsay Price is the Vice President of Theatrefolk Inc. and the co-creator of the Drama Teacher Academy. She has been a professional playwright for 23 years with over 65 published plays and averages 900 productions of her work each year all over the world. She writes specifically for schools and student performers in both high school and middle school.